Luxurious Romantic Fairytale Style Wedding
Photography By: Iconic Photography

Luxurious Romantic Fairytale Style Wedding

Priscilla & Imo



“It was my second week at the University, early September 2011; myself and Winnie (a good friend) decided to go to the ‘freshers’ fair to know about all the different society/clubs that the University had. Upon arrival, I heard my favourite song ‘Obianuju” being played a little distance away and loving music the way I do, I followed the sound which led me to meet the man of my dreams, Imo.” The music was being played at the NSA (Nigerian Student Association) stand; James (the best man) who was the President for the society, welcomed Priscilla. During her conversation with him, she made eye contact with a handsome gentleman at the back of the room who simply stared and smiled. Though her conversation with James continued, she couldn’t help but have her gaze shifting to the handsome Imo.

“A week later, one of the clubs close to the University was holding a Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed night and together with my flat mates we went all out and painted our faces of course as umpa lumpas. To our surprise when we got to the club, no one else had gotten the impression that it was a fancy-dress themed party and we were the only people in the whole club with faces painted! As the night drew to a close, we decided to head home and as we were standing outside waiting for our taxi, I turned around and there Imo was walking directly towards me; at this point I had seen him a few times around the campus but we had never spoken. All I remember thinking was why he had chosen such a time when I had my face painted as an umpa lumpa to speak to me. Imo came over completely ignoring my white eyebrows and orange cheeks and asked me for my number.”

The communication between the two finally begun after Imo sent a text message, then a phone call when the text went without a reply. There was an instant connection and they spoke for hours having interesting discussions, laughing and realizing they had quite a lot in common. They fell into the ease of a friendship and dated for eight years building the relationship based on friendship, love, mutual respect and joy. Imo proposed to Priscilla a week before her 25th birthday; Priscilla and her friends organized a group spa to relax, unwind and celebrate the birthday weekend. They checked into their accommodation after enjoying a champagne lunch, with plans to have a bit of a lie down and go out for dinner to continue with the celebration that evening. They got dressed up and hit Kensington town around 6pm ready to celebrate her birthday. After just about half and hour of arriving at the dinner place, one of her friends complained of feeling unwell (this turned out to be part of a game plan to get her back to the apartment).

Even though the night of celebration had just begun, Priscilla felt extremely bad and insisted they spend this evening back at the apartment resting, as one of them had fallen ill. This gesture however came with a disheartening feeling as the night had ended much earlier that she had anticipated. When they got back to their apartment, Priscilla opened the door and was shocked to find the hallway covered in rose petals; she remembers saying to her friends ‘ I think we are in the wrong room’. After standing still for a few seconds, they walked in following the flowers into the lounge area to find Imo kneeling on the floor with red roses and the ceiling covered in red love heart balloons.

“I walked towards him with my arms wide open shaking thinking wow this moment is finally here. At this point the adrenaline had kicked in and though I could see Imo’s lips moving, all I saw is the beautiful ring he pulled out of the box and his lips muttering the words ‘will you be my wife’? I was so shocked I think I was wearing the ring on my finger for about one minute before I actually said ‘yes’. After lots of hugs from surrounding friends and lots of pictures, we all went for dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant.”

On the wedding day, the 7th of September 2019, Priscilla walked down the aisle in a thin strapped beaded dress by PISTIS feeling extremely nervous as it was quite a long journey towards an eager Imo, all dressed up looking handsome in a Hugo Boss Ivory Tuxedo with black lapel, black bowtie matched with a pair of black trousers and a white shirt, waiting to marry the woman of his dreams and ready to commit to this new chapter together.

The formal ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour in the foyer of the Omanye Hall at the Labadi Beach Hotel. This allowed guests to mingle and take pictures with the bridal team. The couple and their guests then sat down to dinner and had an evening of great entertainment, dancing and a lot of fun.

In line with the Luxurious Romantic Fairytale Style theme, the colours chosen were soft ivory, gold accents with mirrors, crystals and candles!!! The set-up had a mix of rectangular and round tables, with floral arrangements of ivory roses and white orchids; above the dancefloor, metal trusses held an overhead floral design with a mirror ball, as well as crystals all around, to give the perfect fairytale look.

The guests were seated on a mix of luxurious chairs, while the cake sat of a glamourous table to give it the presence it deserved. The cake on masterpiece, had a floral spiral design and rotated gently on a bright gold table and was certainly a sight to behold.



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