Flowers For Your Wedding

Flowers For Your Wedding

Flowers play such an important role when it comes to décor for your weddings and their significance cannot be downplayed. This is because they add texture, colour and influence the mood of the event.

3 main reasons why you need flowers as part of your décor

  1. Flowers have meanings and can be infused into the overall theme of the wedding- when using natural flowers, there’s an additional fragrance that helps to create the right ambiance and mood setting.
  2. There are numerous of colours to choose from when looking for flowers to add to the décor, irrespective of the colour theme of your wedding, you can always find a flower to blend in.
  3. Flowers can be used as an expression of emotion such as love, friendship, honour and family ties.

The flowers can be incorporated in different aspects of the wedding.

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Hair accessory for bride instead of a tiara
  • Corsages for grooms
  • Centre pieces
  • Aisle decoration

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