Questions For Your Vendors

Questions For Your Vendors

10 Questions for your Photographer
1. Where can I see your portfolio of work? Do you have a website, social media page I can use as a source of reference?

2. What are the details of your packages?

3. Do you charge daily rates or according to the number of pictures you edit for us?

4. Who owns the rights to the images you shoot?

5.  Is there an agreement for both parties to sign before we engage your services?

6. What payment terms do you have for your clients?

7. What is your style of shooting? Dramatic, Traditional (posing for pictures), Reportage?

8. Do you treat pictures if your clients require you to? Eg. Turn them into black and white?

9. Do you have recommendations for venues to shoot and would you visit those places prior to our event?

10. How long would it take for you to deliver the pictures that you will take for our wedding?


10 Questions for your Caterer
1. Do you have references from other clients I can use if needed?

2. Is there a standard menu for clients to choose from or do you personalize each wedding’s menu?

3. Do you offer a tasting session after the menu has been decided upon? Is this an additional cost to us?

4.  Is it possible to inspect your kitchen and working area during our appointment?

5. What is your specialty as a caterer? Traditional, continental, finger food?

6. How many weddings do you typically cater to in a year?

7. What is the largest gathering you have catered for?

8. How many days would you require prior to the wedding to get everything set?

9. Do you factor in extra quantities for guests who may turn up without an invitation or warning?

10. Is it the responsibility of the couple to cater to the event professionals who will be working at our wedding?

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