Is A Wedding Planner For You?

Is A Wedding Planner For You?

You should consider engaging the services of a wedding planner if:

  • You are getting married and have no idea where to begin.
  • You have little time to put the wedding or event together.
  • Due to your day-day work or schedule, you are unavailable to book meetings with vendor during the week.
  • You have little or no experience negotiating contracts with event professionals such as the caterer, photographer, rental companies, florists, stationers etc.
  • You have a tough time dealing with last minute changes or problems that may occur prior or on the day of wedding.

Benefits of a wedding planner

  • Saves you time- wedding planners tend to save you valuable time as they run all the errands on your behalf and schedule your vendor meetings for you. Not having the time to plan your wedding is however not the only reason to engage the services of a planner. Another benefit they bring to the table is their experience in working closely with other event professionals and will recommend the best team to make your dream day memorable.
  • Saves you tons of money- Most often than not, people think hiring the services of a planner is costly; what they may fail to consider the deals they can get from their colleague professionals either by virtue of an established relationship or the ability to negotiate fair rates for services and products. *TIP*- make sure you are paying your planner a flat fee versus them taking commissions for vendors they book for your event. This gives you the full assurance they are working for YOU and not the vendors.
  • Takes away most of the stress related to the wedding or event- planning an event can take a toll on your and take away or minimize the initial joy the thought brought to you. Good planners have a wealth of experience and knowledge to handle difficulties and challenges the event may bring. It is however important to choose a planner you feel comfortable and confident working with as they act on your behalf and you should be able to trust them to help you make the right decisions.

Good and Professional Wedding Planners will:

  • Not coerce you into decisions you do not seem happy or comfortable with.
  • Commit to the budget you have all agreed upon
  • Have a good rapport with the best vendors
  • Are able to negotiate great deals and discounts?
  • Be there on the day of your wedding to oversee the entire event to ensure it runs smoothly

Must be a creative partner who can offer advice and be there help you prioritize, plan ahead, consider risks and always be one step ahead.

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