How To Apply Mascara For A Great Look

How To Apply Mascara For A Great Look

One thing I love about the use of mascara’s is how well it defines the eyes and makes it the lashes look fuller and longer. To help achieve this look, you first start of by brushing the lashes. It is therefore important to know what sort of brushes to look out for when shopping for your make up kit. Rubber bristles- these can coat the tiniest of lashes from the root of the lash to the tip thereby adding length.

Plastic bristles- these on the other hand, tend to give a clean and natural looking lash line. Fiber bristles- these are used to build lash thickness and help define the fringe of the lash. This means that you can maintain the same mascara but use different bristle brushes to achieve different outlook.

In using the mascara, there are a few tips worth knowing to create magical and fabulous looks; one tip can be to rid the brush of excess mascara – simply dip the brush in the tube and wipe it on a paper towel (not tissue as it is not robust enough); also you can loosen the mascara with a warm damp face towel, press the towel against the closed eyes.

Next, you can dip a cotton wool into a makeup remover for eyes that are sensitive and then wipe downward on the lash a few times.

To enhance the lash look, you can include false lashes for sheer glamour. This is because it allows you to have a long and full lash fringe for a period without the application of mascara. These do need to be kept dry with extra caution needs to be taken while having a shower or bath. These are however quite difficult to master if you are not a pro however, there are step by step processes to serve as a guide.

 Lashes come in full or individual strips; hold the lash with a pair of tweezers while you apply a dot of glue on the upper eye lid; allow the glue to thicken and then use the tweezers to guide the lash to the lid. You will have to take caution however as the glue should not get into your eyes.

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