Flower Power

Flower Power

Flowers have always been a beautiful addition to any event because of its natural characteristics and what it adds to event set ups. These characteristics are mainly colour, character and Floral arrangement tip: ambience. They also represent style and grace and though in the past were used mainly for communication, in modern times they have been chosen because of their smell, colour and how well they fit in with the entire décor set up of an event. They can be used for simple as well as elaborate set ups from corsages, to wrist bands, head pieces, centre pieces, aisles, arches etc.

Ever heard of Floriography?

Floriography is the language of flowers and in the past was used as a means of communication through the colours as well as the arrangements. Here are a few examples to give an insight into the meanings of some flowers and their significance.

Rose Meaning:

Perfect Happiness A holographic and translucent rose in full blossom, with a sparkling geranium opening, and a smooth, honeyed chamomile accent, Rose will symbolize both contentment and patience.

Violet Meaning:

Virtue & Faithfulness A gift of violets would convey an eternal love, and that perhaps a proposal was on the horizon.

Lavender Meaning:

Devotion If perhaps a suitor had reason to believe he was not the only one vying for a lady’s affections, a gift of lavender would let her know his devotion. Lavandula is smooth, green, and shimmering, decorating lavender with a spicy facet and ambery warmth.

Flowers make a great statement and should be used well to translate the desired communication.

Floral Arrangement Tips

Add some greens to your flowers- adding foliage to your floral arrangement help with two major factors- the contrast created by blending flowers and foliage.

Secondly, they tend to be a cheaper addition and help to reduce the cost of using natural flowers for your event.

In our choice of flowers though we always need to consider the type of event that is being held and what may or may not be appropriate.

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