The LASH Game

The LASH Game

‘’We love mascara but false lashes are game changers’’!

Longer and more voluminous lashes have always been lusted after, but the lash game has drastically changed over the years. I remember as a child growing up, I saw adults using bonding glue which was meant for weaves for their lashes, and these lashes would look so thick and you could tell it weighed heavily on the persons eye down however that seemed to be the back then. I used to think, oh my, the lengths people would go to in order to achieve the look they craved for.

Over the years there have been different trends on achieving the ultimate lash look with different techniques being introduced from time to time. In recent times however, there have been more people having a preference for lashes to look more like theirs whether natural or full, they choose that fluttery look with the right glue for the lashes.

There are so many different kinds and types of lashes in the beauty industry these days;

  • Human /Real Mink Lash- these are the finest type of eyelash extensions as they are natural fibres that are more exotic and rare. Typically a set of these lashes attract a premium price when being used and tend to be soft, super lightweight thereby providing a natural shine; also they are flexible and give a feathered look. One however needs to be careful when sourcing for these products to ensure they are sterile. These lashes however change their shapes over time.
  • Synthetic/ Acrylic Lash- these lashes tend to be shiny, thick, coarse and are typically used to create a more dramatic look.
  • Silk & Faux Mink Lash- The term ‘silk and faux mink lashes’ is often confused for being composed of actual silk and mink fibres, but they are both made from synthetic fibres called PBT (polybutylene-terephthalate). The characteristics that differentiate silk and mink are their tapering (how fine the lashes are shaped towards the tip), their weight, and their finish. In most cases silk is less tapered, lightweight, with a glossier finish; whilst mink lashes are more tapered, ultra-lightweight, and has a matte finish. The features and quality of both faux silk and mink lashes however typically depends on the brand of lashes.
  • Horse Lash- these are as the name suggests, lashes made from horse fur and are usually sterilized and hypoallergenic. These furs are carefully selected and then woven into a light base which is the part that sticks to the eyelid. Thereafter they are handcrafted by expert technicians and are designed to give a look of luxury and glamour when worn.
  •  3D lash extensions- these lashes are individually applied and designed to create thicker and longer lashes while maintaining that natural look. The 3D lash base is flat with fine tips which are polished just like real lashes.

Lashes can be  Individual / strip, with either a thick band, merely visible thin bands or no band for the extensions. They are also available in a wide variety of lengths, diameters and curls.

With that being said, when getting a lash you should know what you are looking for, whether temporary false lashes which can last all day but can be taken off at any time or semi-permanent lashes which would stay in place for weeks or months depending on preference.

Temporary lashes are generally low priced and vary between ghc10 and ghc60 ($2- $15_, whereas semi-permanent ones are typically priced between ghc300 and ghc600 ($70 -$120)

It is worth noting that while temporary false lashes can be self-fixed in the comfort of the home (with the right technique), semi-permanent lashes must be professionally done. It’s important to make sure all products used by the professional in this process are new and sanitized, to avoid damage to the eyes.

Before choosing lashes there are a few questions that need answers.

What sort of look am I looking for? Subtle or a dramatic diva look? How long do I wish to use these lashes? How much do I want to spend on the lashes? The answers will be a guide to assist in finding the perfect look with the right budget.

“Lashes can either make or break your look if you do not choose the right type for your eye shape and face. In my experience, I have noticed that lashes which start off short in the front and grow longer towards the end are the perfect type of lashes for me so I tend to stick with that but I  do  like to switch it up from time to time “ says Ghanaian beauty influencer and content creator, Jessicah

“Lashes can either make or break your Look” – Jessicah


It is important to care for your lashes to ensure they have a long life span and also give the perfect look.

  • Gently remove all makeup such as mascara, glue etc from the lash band
  • Drop lashes in a bowl of soapy warm water
  • Leave lashes in warm water for about 5-10minutes
  • Gently rub fingers on the lash to take off excess makeup or glue
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Fix wet lash back on lash case and use a brow brush to comb lash

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