Secrets To Getting The Perfect Brow

Secrets To Getting The Perfect Brow

1. Getting the Perfect Brows

 It is very important to be able to ‘draw out’ the perfect brow size and shape to suit the features of your facial bone structure. I would like to call it a formula as the brow needs to be divided into thirds; the thick part is usually that which is above the nose; then the arch should be the middle whereas the thin end goes just beyond the corner of the eye.

 2. Get Thicker Brows

So now the big question is how to enhance the brows so they appear thicker and fuller. You may typically fill in the sparse brows with a powder, pencil, or gel. It is advised that the brow colour be a shade or two lighter than the colour of your hair. This is because it creates a bit of a contrast which blends in well with your skin colour. Thereafter, you can now use tiny strokes over your arches and blend with a brow brush to remove extra color.

3. Skip the Stencils

The perfect brow as I mentioned earlier is typically based on your unique bone structure. Using a stencil to draw on your brows may actually take the art from the definition of the brow by making it too mechanical and strict. Honestly, you may not like the results. A stenciled brow that’s just a little bit off can make you look angry, surprised, older, or even lopsided. Better to work with your natural brow shape.

4. Make Brows Match Your Hair

I always say, if you are adventurous with your hair and love to create that dramatic hair colour, remember to make room to change that for your brows too. It is best to get a professional colorist to assist you accomplish the perfect results and change, too. Please do not dye your brows at home, even if you have a really steady hand.

 5. Get the Natural Look

To get your brows as lush as possible, do hold off plucking for a period of time say for three months. Then have them shaped professionally or pluck only the most obvious strays yourself. Use a brow filler for better definition.

 6. Knowing How to Choose the Correct Tweezers

Typically, professional make-up artists, like to choose and use pointed, slanted tips on especially virgin brows. It requires quite a bit of a skill to get it right; for longer hairs, it easier to achieve the desired results as compared to shorter stubborn hairs. For these, the tweezers should be turned at an angle and then pulled from the pointed edges.…for first time users these may tend to hurt a bit. In achieving that perfect brow, you need to focus the shaping from beneath the brow and lift up before the plucking begins. It is worth noting that plucking too much from the top can cause the shape to look too flat.

7. Knowing When to Put the Tweezers Down

One thing I have learnt from a lot of make-up artists is that people tend to get obsessed and tempted to pluck out every new hair that appears under the skin. You do not want to break the skin and risk getting a scar on your face. So, allow some days for the hairs to grow properly then you can begin to define and shape the brows for the perfect look or better still use a concealer to hide those growing hairs.

 8. Let a Pro Guide You

Honestly, I would say if you are not an expert at creating the right shape or definition, you should go to a make-up artist to help get the desired brow look.

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