Steps To A New You!

Steps To A New You!


The attention of how people look has always been focused on the woman; spend so much time to achieve a clean look that certainly tends to turn heads. There is a lot of focus on the face, skin, nails and hair; it takes a huge investment of time and money to always look your very best and then feel good too.

But hey! Men need to be groomed too. You are important and should spend a lot more time on your looks focusing a lot of your attention on your hair, facial hair, skin and nails. Being well groomed not only makes you look and smell good, but also boosts your confidence and makes you ready to conquer the world.

What to look out for on the journey to GROOMING THE MAN


Body odour is produced when the bacteria that live on our skin break down the proteins in our sweat into different acids. Men tend to sweat a lot and it is very essential to pay a lot of attention to what odour emanates from your body.

  • Use subtle scented sprays that are not too over powering on your armpits if you tend to sweat a lot.
  • Our good old lime is also miraculous for removing body odour if added to the daily shower routine.
  • You can rub your armpit with cotton wool and some apple cider vinegar to rid your body of odour. This can be done as part of the daily routine.

While most of the remedies are applications, there are processes where ingestion can also help rid the body of odour.

  • Consuming a mixture of fennel seeds which may be boiled with a bit of honey added and drank every morning; how does this work? Some of the components present in fennel seeds are stimulants and promote the secretion of digestive and gastric juices in the stomach. They are also known to act as laxatives and can prevent body odour
  • Fresh green tea also has the potential of ridding the body of odour if done on a regular basis on an empty stomach.
  • MOUTH ODOUR- Yes! Mouth odour can be such a put off and there are a few simple steps to make sure your breadth always smells good, even after a meal.
  • Simple and easy ways to maintain a good breath-
  • Have a lot of vegetables as part of your diet- this is essentially because it helps to create a more alkaline environment so that the bad breath causing acid in your body is balanced out.
  • Hard crunch foods such as apples and carrots have textures that  can remove food and bacteria from the mouth and act as a toothbrush.
  • Drinking a lot of water keeps the mouth lubricated and then bacteria away from the mouth. You should avoid soda drinks, energy drinks as they are more acidic.
  • Chew on mint leaves and parsley to keep your breath smelling fresh all the time.
  • Make it a point to change your toothbrush as soon as the bristles appear to lose their strength; not only does this make the brushing teeth routine more effective, it also prevents the growth of bacteria and decay of the teeth.
  • FACIAL HAIR-While some men may not pay a whole lot of attention to facial hair, it is extremely important to define the boundaries of facial hair if you decide to keep them; this makes you look cleaner and more appealing to the eye. So, whether you decide to grow a beard, moustache or keep your side burns, you need to pay a closer attention to how you look when you wake up and are about to take a shower and step out for the day.
  • When keeping a beard, remember to define the boundaries on where the hair should be around the cheek and neck area. To achieve this with great success, have an imaginery line drawn from the corner of your lips to the top of your ear and shave. Your moustache should also be trimmed and have boundaries clearly defined. Doing this gives you a clean crisp look. Then after, ensure your facial hairs are well moisturized with oils to keep them looking great and prevent dry flaky skin. Shea butter is a good this, on the other hand you can look out for beard oils.
  • NOSE & EAR HAIR – it is very important to trim any hair from the nose and ear. It is important though not to trim it all away as they trap dust from entering certain sensitive areas of the body.
  • What you eat also has a great effect on how you look; foods with more fruits, vegetables and less oils tend to work like a charm to keep the skin looking younger and fresh. Twice a week avoid animal protein and replace with beans, lentils or any plant protein of your choice. This method serves as a great skin detox and rids the body of unwanted chemicals while trying to keep the ph levels of the skin and body at the required natural levels.
  • SKIN- Cool showers are a great way to keep the skin healthy and smooth, this is because not only does it give that refreshing feel after a warm or hot day in the sun, it tends to keep the pores of the skin closed to prevent evaporation of moisture. Right after the shower, it is important to immediately apply body cream or lotion to your body paying particular attention to the face, arms and hands, legs and feet. We tend to ignore the feet a lot but I would say, there’s nothing more unattractive about a guy than one with parched and dry skin on the feet.
  • LIPS- It is very important to keep the lips moistened to prevent them from becoming dry, crusty and chapped. The lips lose moisture more than any part of the body and while it makes one look unattractive, they tend to hurt a lot too and may turn into sores as they start to peel. There are a few simple things to do to prevent this look and feel. If you constantly lick your lips, then you need to keep a tube of lip balm in your pocket all the time which you can apply a few times during the day.

Here are a very simple products that can be used not only to prevent dry, chapped and crusted lips but also as part of the treatment process for curing it where necessary.

  • Shea butter- this contains vitamins A and E and are a great and natural source to moisturize   your lips. I would say, use it as part of your after shower routine; while moisturizing the skin to give it a natural glow, apply a small amount of shea butter to your lips right after you come out of the shower- this is a process of causing the lips to become softer and moistened for the most part of the day.
  • Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and therefore a fantastic and affordable product to use on the lips to keep the moistened during the day. This oil has anti-bacterial properties and therefore its use helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs on cracked lips.
  • Jojoba oil is one of the best moisturizing oils that can give instant relief from dry and chapped lips.

TIP: Drinking a lot of water is a great way to keep the lips moistened.

5.EYE BROWS- Keep your brows neat and well brushed but do not tweak the edges too much if you realize your brows are very bushy and need to be tamed a bit.

6. NAILS- Keep your finger nails low and neat. An occasional visit to the salon for a manicure and pedicure is a very great idea but if you are too busy, simply have a nail cutter handy to always keep the finger and toe nails low. Not only is it unattractive to see a man with grow finger and toe nails, it also tends to be unhealthy as it collects dirt and germs which can easily cause infections.

7.FEET- keep them moisturized every time, simply by moisturizing them properly twice daily after morning and evening showers. This prevents them from looking patched and dry, but also to prevent dry skin scales from developing.

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